We are indebted to so many kind, generous, and inspiring individuals and organisations.

We are eternally grateful for your support and encouragement – Thank you.

Past and Present partnerships

John, Colin, Jade of The Inclusion Network

Marie, Paul, Kerry of Merseyside Youth Association

Jessica Rich of Goodwill Community Foundation

Marguerite Dennis of The Good Things Foundation

More to come in the near future

Canon Neville Black

Tony Medlicott

Compass Counselling

David Swannick  & Seedbed

Mandy, Amy & John at Tea & Empathy

Contact At YMCA

Harry Bundred of ITOL.

David Milburn of One Vision Housing

Bob Allen of One Vision Housing

Debbie, Paul, Rene & Gary of L30 Community Centre

Keith Lloyd of Brunny boys club

All of our students at Ford Lane Community Centre, Willow House, L30 Community Centre , Brunny Boys Club, The Gordon Youth Centre & The Inclusion Network

John Kelly of Mersey Youth Support Trust

Everton for Employment

Bob, Andrew & Tim for their faithful, dedicated hard work, patience and commitment.